NACA 4-digit series NACA Airfoils for Windows 95+ - prints any NACA 4 or 5 digit airfoil to scale on ordinary printers.
Free 30-day trial.
Magic Labeler
MicroDIR - Prints a neat label for a floppy. FreeWare from KelComp!
Magic Labeler
CDir - Prints CD contents on an envelope for a CD. FreeWare from KelComp!
Tidbits - Frank's handy hints to get more from your computer.
HSF Patch
Havasu Sport Flyers - Lake Havasu City, AZ Model Seaplane Club
CRCC Colorado River Computer Club - Lake Havasu City, AZ Computer Club
Bill the Cat HELP! Tech Support - Got a problem with NACA Airfoils? I'll give you a hand.
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