MicroDIR is intended to read the contents of a 3.5 in. floppy and print it on a label. When the program starts it reads the floppy in Drive A: and displays the files in its root directory in a small window. If the disk has a Volume Label it is displayed; if not the user is given an opportunity to enter one which may be saved to disk if desired. The user may also enter a note to be added to the label such as "Run Setup to install". When the OK button is clicked the display changes to show generally what the label will look like. It contains the current date,
Screen shot
"MicroDIR", and "Page 1" on one line. It then shows the disk label centered in large type in color. Next it says A:\, X files, Y bytes free on disk. The next few lines show the files in the root directory, sorted alphabetically in four columns of small type. If the disk has subdirectories they are similarly displayed until the label runs out of room. If there are more than will fit it stops and says "More...". Finally, it prints the note in red and the OK button changes to read "Next Pg" with a reminder to change disks first. This process is repeated to process up to nine labels.

View | All provides a full screen display showing approximately what up to nine labels will look like when printed on a single sheet. When the user clicks anywhere on the screen the display returns to the previous one, waiting for a new disk.

The labels may be printed on plain or adhesive backed paper, cut out and pasted on the floppies. They wrap around at the dotted lines and show the volume label in bold color on the edge as well as the front and back. A glue stick will adhere plain paper labels adequately to the plastic cases; white glue will not. The program registers correctly on Avery 5196 or Maco ML7500 label stock.

MicroDIR is freeware offered to you by KelComp. We take pride in producing software of quality but of course we take no responsibility for any consequence resulting from its use.

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