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NACA Airfoils
for Windows 95 or later

NACA Airfoils is an easy-to-use shareware program that you can download here free. It can print any NACA 4 or 5-digit airfoil to any scale with excellent precision on an ordinary laser, ink jet, or dot matrix printer. It is intended for use in model airplane design. Provision is made for camber, center of camber, chord, skin thickness, spar and leading edge dimensions (in inches or millimeters). A set of ribs for a whole tapered wing with a smooth airfoil transition from root to tip can be printed with a single click. The program can display pairs of airfoils on the screen for comparison and can generate files compatible with AutoCAD, ModelCAD, DesignCAD or Foiled Again!! (KelComp is not affiliated in any way with any of these companies.). It also will display outlines of the members of an airfoil library in various formats.

The program may be used for 30 days for evaluation. A registered version with User Guide containing reference data and a historical review will be sent upon receipt of $20.00 including S&H to anywhere on the planet.

A Product Review of the DOS version appeared in the Mar. 1996 issue of Model Airplane News. Click for details and download. It can also be used with Win 3.X.

From Windows 95, 98, or NT:

  • Copy or move the zip file to an empty directory and unzip* it there. When you unzip it it will create a number of files; one of them is called setup.exe. Double click that file and it will load the program in. It suggests C:\Program Files\NacaWin as a location but you can select something else if you like.
  • After loading the new files it displays a Readme file that says it can now print large ribs. It then says it is finished. The temporary files can now be deleted.
  • Click Start|Programs|Nacawin to start the program.
Click Download NOW! to download now.

* If you don't already have an unzipper, click for FreeZip.

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