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I was a consultant at DataFlux because it's all about the data! Since DataFlux was fully merged into SAS, I now work for SAS. SAS, however, is not messing with the DataFlux tools, so you can still have quality, integrated data! SAS believes in a good work-life balance, so I don't travel as much.

I used to work as a Teradata data warehouse consultant for Teradata. After I was laid off, I founded my own consulting company (homenode group, inc.) and did pretty much the same thing. This means that I used to travel A LOT! On my travel page are some of the places that I've been.

When we are home, my husband, Brett, and I live in Fort Mohave, AZ, a small un-incorporated area just south of Bullhead City, a small town 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Bullhead City is the "bedroom community" for Laughlin, NV. Living near the water *used* to give me a chance, when I was home (!), to use our AirGator airboat. Unfortunately, we killed the engine quite a few Fourth of Julys ago, and haven't had time to fix it. One more honey-do!

When we are on the road (usually together), we live at a campground (hopefully close to the customer site) in a 39' Fleetwood Providence (the 39L model) motorhome.

I love to read a LOT! Here are some of my favorite reading links. Probably as a result of my love of reading I have an interest in the publication of e-books. As I run across interesting articles, I'll link to them here.

We also watch some TV (via the Internet and Netflix, mostly). Here are some of my favorite shows.

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