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for the Chemically and Electrically Sensitive
1 Air Filters
2 Art Supplies
3 Catalogues for Safer Products
4 Chemical Injury Awareness Pin
5 Cleaning Products
6 Clothing and Bedding
7 Eyeglasses- heat tempered without chemicals
8 Flowers, Trees, and Wreaths- Organic
9 Heaters
10 Hospital Supplies
11 Masks
12 Music and Videos
13 Nutritional Supplements
14 Ozone and Germicidal Lamps
15 Pesticide Alternatives
16 Reading & Computer Boxes
17 Soaps and Beauty Products
18 Test Kits
19 Wood Furniture

Caution: The resources on this site are not intended to prescribe medical treatments, nor can it replace the advice of a health care professional. If you have a medical condition, always be sure to consult your physician or veterinarian for medical advice. It is important to remember that when using any alternative product, or when applying any substance, always test small amounts before using liberally.

1 Air Filters
Jim or Jan Forbes. Can help you save money while buying good products. Also selling water purifiers, ceramic heaters, safe beds and bedding, and sealers. 605-720-3837.

E.L. Foust Co. "Research And Reliability In Air Purification Since 1974" Products: Air Purifiers, Test Results on Pollutants Removed by our Filters, Water Purification Systems - Want YOUR water tested? Furnace & Air Conditioner Products, Books & Miscellaneous. Low odor foil tape by Polyken. 1-800-353-6878.

Abundant Earth Environmental Catalogue. Abundant Earth offers a wide variety of environmentally sensitive products and services.

Ultimate Air Cleaners. Hepa Air Purifiers Carbon Air Cleaners and Air Filters for treatment of mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, allergens, smoke and more. Both commercial and residential Air Cleaners.

2 Art Supplies
Daniel Smith Fine Artists' Materials. Watercolors known for their quality and purity, materials and techniques discussed and featured artists. (Colored pencil included.) 1-800-426-6740

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff. Many features including art tips and classes. 1-800-227-2788

Personal experience: How a chemically sensitive artist chooses materials, by Pat Hetzler. HEAL. Human Ecology Action League. The Human Ecologist. Pages 28 -29. . Issue Number 96, Winter 2002. Order this issue or subscribe to quarterly publication. Phone: 404-248-1898
Reference Books
The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide, by Monona Rossol. New York: Allwort. December 2001. Paperback.

Overexposure: Health Hazards in Photography/Everything You Need to Know About Photographic Materials and Processes to Make Your Workplace Safe and C, by Susan D. Shaw, Monona Rossol (Contributor) (Paperback - October 1991)

Editor's Note: The sources above, are not written exclusively for MCS persons. The chemcally injured must check with their doctor and use extreme caution with any chemicals or materials to prevent further injury. In particular, photographic chemicals, are dangerous for chemically sensitive persons.

See Artists with MCS

3 Catalogues for Safer Products
American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF). Pollutant Detection Kits, Saunas, and much more.
Abundant Earth Environmental Catalogue. Abundant Earth offers a wide variety of environmentally sensitive products and services.

E.L. Foust Co. "Research And Reliability In Air Purification Since 1974" Products: Air Purifiers, Test Results on Pollutants Removed by our Filters, Water Purification Systems - Want YOUR water tested? Furnace & Air Conditioner Products, Books & Miscellaneous. Low odor foil tape by Polyken. 1-800-353-6878.

MCS Exchange. A place for those with MCS to exchange their stuff. MCS-Exchange is a website where MCS’ers can exchange books, ideas, houses, cars, and everything in between.
4 Chemical Injury Awareness Pin Project
The goal of the Chemical Injury Awareness pin project is to heighten awareness and to educate the public regarding the adverse health impacts of environmental degradation, outdoor/indoor air pollution, and the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in commerce. The project umbrellas all toxin-related health issues, including, but not limited to, birth and developmental disorders, new and emerging disorders such as Chemical Intolerance/Injury (CI), Gulf War Syndrome, as well as familiar fixed-named diseases such as carcinogen-related Cancer, Parkinson's, and certain forms of Multiple Sclerosis, to name only a few. The ultimate focus is prevention.
EBB!----Every Body's Backyard! Non-Profit Organization, Recognizing the Health Effects of Environmental Toxins
Maggie MacRaven -- President P O Box 1156, Tijeras, NM 87059 For more information contact:
5 Cleaning Products
Household Cleaning Products. American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF) or click on catalogue

Car Cleaning Towel. Dominique France Motorsports is proud to introduce you to the DF® Concours Towel and our entire range of Simply Naturalsm products. Contains no artificial fibers, dyes or chemicals, a unique weave of all natural AlpineMicrofiber™. All our DF® Concours products are proudly Made in the USA!

See Books Household Products for information

6 Clothing and Bedding
Janice's Natural Comfort Collection. For persons with MCS, a collection of bed, bath, kitchen, clothing, and personal items that are free of harmful additives. From mattresses to soap, Janices`s searches the world for safe and pure items. Call 1-800-526-4237 or 1-800-JANICES.
Nirvana Safe Haven. Environmentally safe, organic cotton and organic wool bedding, organic cotton sheets, ceramic radiant heaters, zeolite, safer paints and sealants, special MCS air purifiers, water filters. In order to keep prices low, Daliya requests that you see the website and call to ask questions, rather than requesting a catalog. Free consultation: 1-800-968-9355
Mattress Springs. For the extra sensitive, put your own washable coverings on the bare steel springs. Springs may need to be washed to clean off manufacturing oils. "We generally do not sell our products directly to the public as they are used in the manufacture of finished mattress and box spring sets produced by such companies as Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Spring Air, etc. We do supply almost every manufacturer in the United States with some type of steel innerspring or box spring product. You can certainly refer them to our Web site or to my e-mail address and I would be happy to recommend a manufacturer in their area that might sell them the raw steel component." Leigh Salyer, Group VP of Bedding Components
7 Eyeglasses- heat tempered without chemicals
Glen's Optiques. Eyeglasses tempered the old fashioned way. If you can't find a local source that will temper your lenses without solvents or other chemicals, send your prescription and frames to this company. Glen's Optiques, 10611 Garland Road, #216, Dallas, TX 75218. Phone:214-321-6753. Fax: 214-320-1015.
8 Flowers, Trees, and Wreaths - Organic
Organic Bouquet is proud to announce that they are the nation's first brand for certified organic flowers. 415-883-3393 E-mail: Website:

Organic Chemical-Free Christmas Trees and Wreaths. Nature's Own Farm, Marshall, NC, which ships pesticide-free Fraser Fir Christmas trees around the country.

Alternatives to Pesticide-laden Christmas Trees in North Carolina and Tennessee. Agricultural Resources Center and Pesticide Education Project in Raleigh, NC has compiled a list of organic and sustainable tree producers in North Carolina and Tennessee. Mission: ARC/ PESTed advocates for alternatives to toxic pesticides in North Carolina by empowering people to make sound decisions about their health and environment. Agricultural Resources Center & Pesticide Education Project, North Carolina. 206 New Bern Place, Raleigh, NC 27601, (919) 833-5333, -1123 E-mail:, A

9 Heaters
For the Chemically Sensitive- Stainless Steel Heaters
Infratube. Infrared Radient Heaters. Infratube quartz radient heaters use infrared energy to efficiently provide heat with pinpoint accuracy virtually anywhere it's desired. And Infratube is completely safe emiting only warm radient energy. All Infratube's are UL listed.
Heaters available from 33" to 61" in length
Power options from 120V to 480V
208V, 277V, 480V available special order
Optional heat regulators available for low cost operation
Units can be regulated for desired heat
Heats indoors and outdoors
Simple low cost installation
Low maintenance
Now available in stainless steel or standard powder coat finish
One year factory warranty
Wide range of accesories available

Infratech 939 North Vernon Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702 Phone: 626-334-3252 Fax: 800-444-3380

Heaters for Electromagnetic Field Sensitivities
Intertherm. Dale Electric 800-462-7733 NY. Best tolerated by the electromagnetically sensitive, Intertherm heaters can be found at some hardware and building supply stores. It is recommended that the heaters are baked out at the highest heat setting for at least 24 hours before using indoors. A foil tent over the heater during the outside bake-out, facilitates the outgassing of the paint.
10 Hospital Supplies
American Environmental Health Foundation 1-800-428-2343 ordered from Hospital supplies for MCS patients may be this foundation (catalog included in MCS kit.) For kit information seeContents - for Hospital Protocol Guidelines Kit patient care.
11 Masks
Dasun Eco Rap. The Dasun Company, P.O. Box 668, Escondido, CA 92033 760-480-8929 You can buy the "Eco Rap" which a organic cotton mask "rap" with the filter insert included or the filter inserts separately.

Hamilton Healthcare. PO Box 86444 Portland, OR 97286 503-618-8115 Roslyn Hamilton, Owner. Products page. Custom made, various filter mediums, hand held for your car. To Order:

I Can Breathe! Inc.quick manufactures comfortable, effective face masks which reduce exposure to airborne irritants, are and easy to put on, designed and worn by a person with sensitive sinuses and lungs. Sewn in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
12 Music and Videos
Susan Abod. In the Moment. CD. Listen to the music:
Lyrics from her CD published in the new german MCS Anthology

Kim Palmer. See MSC/EI Songs or to purchase or download her music:

Susan Abod. Funny, You Don’t Look Sick, An Autobiography of an Illness. Produced by Susan Abod and Lisa Pontoppidan, 1995. Color, 64 mins, VHS video
This intimate documentary self-portrait is told with humor and compassion. Susan Abod is a woman living with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or Environmental Illness. Filmed over a period of 18 months in 1994-95, Susan describes in detail the nature of her illness, illustrates her daily routine, and gives us a guided tour of her environmentally “safe” apartment. Comments from Susan’s numerous doctors and a visit with her CFIDS support group offer further insights in this illuminating, firsthand report on a baffling, twenty-first century disease.

For more videos see Books & Videos

13 Nutritional Supplements
Reality Health Research Inc., Providing Water-Soluble* Minerals
Lynell Braught, Ph.D., had MCS/EI in the 1970's. As a result, he is knowledgeable about our needs and the formulations are tolerated by extremely sensitive individuals.
Toll free: 1-877-454-3313 or Phone: 520-767-4365 Fax: 520-767-3624
Reality Health Research Inc., P.O. Box 337, Dolan Springs, AZ 86441
E-mail: (Please remember to include your contact information if you'd like a reply.)
Dr. Clarke's Research Association. Allternative herbal medicine for parasites. Editor's Note: For all MCS and EMF patients, please consult with doctor before using machines, herbal and nutritional products.
Need's. Nutritional Ecological and Environmental Delivery System. Treatment for Candida. Ask for Candida Purge Kit by Attogram with Caprol, bentonite and psyllium. 
To place order or request catalogue 1-800-634-1380 
Website Contains Only Partial Listing of over 30,000 Products

Candida Treatment by Attogram. A Whole Approach in the Treatment of Candidiasis featuring the Attogram Program. Order on line.

Nutricology- Allergy Research Group. Nutritional supplements designed with the allergic individual in mind. Under the direction of Stephen A. Levine, NutriCology is considered a leader in the field of Nutritional Biochemistry. Editor's Note: Specialty Products page lists CoRectal Vite with Vitamin C- support for nutrition and aids detoxification.
14 Ozone and Germicidal Lamps
If you can tolerate ozone, this is an essential aid to outgas new products. It can help save belongings, home, and vehicles from contaminations.
Ozone Lamps
Caution: On the "Chemical Protection" page, review cautions before use. Some MCS persons cannot tolerate any amount of ozone. Always test first. For MCS persons, please do not use ozonated air to breathe. Just use for chemical cleanup, air room out, and enter. Time of airing out the room, depends on length of time ozoning, and the ozone odor remaining.
Glasco Ultra Violet Systems. Comes without protective case. See "Protect your lamp" on the
"Chemical Protection" page. (Division of Southern Trent Services Ultra Dynamic) 82 Burlews Court, Hackensack, NJ 07601. 1-800-727-6931 or 201-489-0044
#9150 Lamp (about 12")$ 90.00
Transformer#16162UD $125.00
Wire Harness and Plug for the wall outlet about $35.00
Total Price $250.00 plus shipping costs.
Natural Lighting, Ultraviolet Air and Water Purifiers. The air purifier has a steel case. Natural Lighting, 1939 Richvale, Houston, Texas 77062. Phone 281-486-9583 Toll Free 888-900-6830 Fax 281-486-0352.
Germicidal Lamps
I have used these lamps to breakdown chemicals for years. They produce ozone, but not as much as the preceding type. Just double the amount of time as described in "Decontamination Recommendations" on the "Chemical Protection" page.
Kelsun Company, 13000 Bel-Red Road, Suite 206, Bellevue, WA 98005. 425-453-1199
Part # G10T5 1/2/VH Germicidal Lamp- current price $ 24.75ea
Part# 8G3718WT Ballast- $24.50ea.
Total Price $48.25 plus shipping costs
15 Pesticide Alternatives
Pesticide Alternatives
16 Reading & Computer Boxes
MCS Special Products & Services for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
Computer boxes: For chemical outgassing only. Glass not enough EMF protection, per an MCS Engineer consultant.
Reading boxes:
Article: "How to Build a Reading Box." Human Ecology Action League Newsletter provides instructions for a reading box that uses small metal handles to turn the pages.  To order back issue: Issue # 92  Winter 2001. HEAL, P.O. Box 29629, Atlanta, GA  30359, or call 404-248-1898.

Build Your Own Computer Box. Professionally designed and excellent source for extreme EMF sensitivity. Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP). Information and photos for low emission computers of the electro magnetic field.

17 Soaps and Beauty Products
Canary Cosmetics are safer for the chemically- sensitive person, and beautiful on everyone. We use NO ADDITIVES -- nothing to irritate your skin. Because we use only minerals, our products have an unlimited shelf-life, which means no preservatives to irritate your skin.
Patricia Allison Skin and Hair Care Products. Fragrance free and cruelty free products carefully designed by an environmentally sensitive person for the environmentally sensitive. Face makeup, eye pencils and lipsticks are tolerated by MCS/EIs. For more information, see this site's page for Patricia Allison. For a complete product and price list for dye and fragrance free products call 1-800-858-8742. Editor's Note: Their unscented Rose Petal Shampoo is the only soap I have been able to use on my dishes and laundry.
Sungold Soap. We are unscented soap specialists. Our soap is completely unscented (Sungold Soap Original). It is a low odor soap. Our combination of oils produces a soap with a diminished aroma. It has almost attained a neutral scent. Our soap is made up of only vegetable oils. There are no other ingredients added! This is as pure as you can get! Sungold Soap, P.O. Box 17342, Tucson, Arizona 85731-7342 Phone: (520) 245-1883

Unicure Hair and Skin Products. Fragrance free. 100% approved food grade ingredients. Call 1-888-UNICURE. Ingredients posted on site.

18 Test Kits
ToxFree, Inc., Analytical/Consulting Company. Air sample analyzed by gas chromatography for: Heptachlor, Cis Chlordane, Trans Chlordane, Aldrin. $199.00 Additional samples: $99.00 + Shipping Cost. 6410 McKeon Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78218 (800) 704-1662
Mold and Water
Mold and Water Test Kits
19 Wood Furniture
Real Wood. Least-toxic construction services, furniture building, and consultation. "I became chemically sensitive as a result of accumulated exposure to toxic chemicals in the course of my work and was thereby made aware of environmental issues. I have consulted with homeowners on strategizing how to make their homes safer for them. I have also done finish woodwork and floor installations in the least toxic way that I could, to reduce the impact on the health of the occupants, and also to mediate toxic situations."Owner, Real LaPalme
Please Note: Consult with your doctor or environmental consultant, and test before choosing wood products.