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Dolan Springs Sunset
photo by Pam Klopfenstein 2002
for Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
and the Electrically Sensitive
1 Safer Housing - Building and Acquiring
Lustron Porcelain-on-Steel Homes
Top 15 Checklist for EMF Housing
2 Housing Surveys Survey
3 HUD Funding: Arizona's 2003 Plans for MCS and EMF Housing
4 Pesticide Contamination in Housing
5 Safer Housing Help
6 Safer Travel
7 General Information for Dolan Springs
8 Mold Control
9 Search for MCS/EI Safe Haven
10 Housing Listings
11 Retreat Information
12 Relocation Information
13 Recommended Architectural Features for MCS Multi-Family Housing
14 Test Kits and Toxicology

Caution to all MCS/ES persons:
Check all advice with your doctor. Some sources are not trained in addressing the specific needs of MCS/ES persons. Natural products can provoke serious reactions, depending on the individual case.
1 Safer Housing - Building and Acquiring
Building MCS Housing. Step by Step in Snowflake, AZ.
Gust Environmental. IAQA Certified Mold Remediator, Certified Building Biologist, Electrical Engineer
Since 1993. Indoor Environmental Health Factors Assessment and Mitigation Planning, Mold, Mildew, Chemical, Air Quality, Electromagnetic Fields. Building Design & Construction Planning.
Lustron Porcelain-on-Steel Homes

Optimum Environments for Optimum Health & Creativity: Designing and Building a Healthy Home or Office, William J. Rea, M.D., December 2002. Pictures, building illustrations, and environmental research data for anyone who wants to design and build a healthy home, office or creative work space. Contains research data, medical treatment, and building experience conducted by Dr. William J. Rea and his patients over the last 30 years at the medical treatment facility - Environmental Health Center-Dallas, Texas. Includes information and building guidance for: identification of less polluted materials; outdoor air/ location; foundation and basement; exterior, framing, roofing, insulation and electrical wiring; garages, outside storage rooms, and workshops; light and color; thermal comfort; indoor air quality and air pollution; interior construction; heating, cooling and ventilation; water; sauna, physical therapy and massage; and a homebuyers/renters checklist. $39.95

Real Wood. Least-toxic construction services, furniture building, and consultation. "I became chemically sensitive as a result of accumulated exposure to toxic chemicals in the course of my work and was thereby made aware of environmental issues. I have consulted with homeowners on strategizing how to make their homes safer for them. I have also done finish woodwork and floor installations in the least toxic way that I could, to reduce the impact on the health of the occupants, and also to mediate toxic situations."Owner, Real LaPalme
Please Note: Test all products and consult with your doctor before choosing wood products.
2 Housing Surveys
Wanted: MCS/ES Homeless Applicants in AZ
Housing Applications Wanted
We have an offer by the Old Concho Community Assistance Center and the AZ Department of Housing to purchase and retrofit a large older house here, outside Snowflake, AZ, to make it useable fas a permanent residence for 4 lower-income disabled homeless chemically and/or electrically sensitive people. The OCCAC Executive Director, Cindy Furrh, asked today whether there are 30+ people fitting this description who would identify themselves, and what they need in shared housing. She needs responses from this many people in order to justify to funders that the need is enormous, and that the units will be filled.
The address to send your completed questionnaire:
Cindy Furrh, Executive Director
Old Concho Community Asstance Center
P.O. Box 50
Concho, AZ 85924
or e-mail to Susan Molloy

Following are the questions to which answers are urgently needed:

1.) What is your current housing need? (one bedroom? two bedrooms?)

2.) Where do you currently live, and can you describe your living situation? (car camping, stay on friends' or state land, live in RV, on friends' couch, etc.)

3.) When did you first become aware that you have MCS and/or electrical sensitivities?

4.) How do you support yourself? (S.S.I., Workers Comp, retirement benefits?)

5.) Where do you find emotional support? (Friends? Family? prayer? or don't have support?)

6.) How long have you lived in the White Mountains, or in Arizona?

7.) To what do you react in a housing situation? short answer about what you need to avoid like cell phones, perfume, smoke

8.) Do you currently receive medical treatment for MCS and/or electrical sensitivities?

9.) What is your family size? (currently, not originally or previously)

10.) What is one thing you feel is most essential in successfully providing housing for people with MCS / electrical sensitivities? short answer about what you need like hotplate, outdoors, clothesline, etc.  

Housing Survey. Safe Haven Community, Environmentally Safer Housing. The results of the survey will be posted at a later date. Survey posted on the site. "We are dedicated to providing a community housing facility for the chemically sensitive in a clean air environment."

MCS Resources for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. MCS lodging questionnaire.

Wanted: Stories about MCS Housing Difficulties
 I received the following request for stories about the difficulty of finding affordable, accessible housing in an effort to educate policy makers. 

Please review the notice and, if you have such a story or know someone that does, please e-mail names, addresses (standard and e-mail) and phone numbers along with a short description of stories to: by February 7, 2003.  I will forward it along to the folks in DC.

Thanks for your help.


Finding affordable, accessible housing is a significant problem for people with all types of disabilities across the country. Over the next few months, the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) Housing Task Force will be creating opportunities to educate government officials, policy makers, opinion leaders, and the general public about this mounting national crisis. For example, the next version of the Priced Out report will be published in March, demonstrating a significant explosion in housing costs as compared to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly income. 

We need to "put a face" on this issue by gathering stories of individuals with all types of disabilities from across the country who would be willing to talk to a member of the press (print, broadcast or electronic).  We need stories of adults with disabilities who:

1) Receive SSI benefits;

2) Have attempted to find affordable rental housing, and/or affordable and accessible rental housing, and/or or who simply need affordable housing (i.e. they are living with aging parents, paying most of their SSI income for rent, "stuck" in a group or nursing home where they don't want to be; homeless or about to be homeless etc.).

If an individual has sought help from a public housing authority (PHA), a HUD regional office, or a local affordable housing or disability organization and has been told he/she must wait years for housing - such stories are also critical.

Reasons for inability to secure rental housing could range from:

1) The individual was told that Section 8 vouchers were not available

2) The individual was told that all the waiting lists were closed

3) The individual was told the subsidized property was elderly-only and they were not eligible to live there; and/or

4) The property would not accept a Section 8 housing voucher and/or

5) The property was not accessible

 This issue of Priced Out will be the third.  The first was Priced Out in 1998, the Housing Crisis for People with Disabilities.  The second was Priced Out in 2000, the Crisis Continues.   This third issue will be released sometime in March 2003 - right in time for the FY 2004 appropriations process.  Priced Out is also an extremely useful tool for state and local advocates because each issue contains state-specific and locality-specific data on the housing crisis faced by people with disabilities.

 While Priced Out focuses specifically on people who receive SSI and the crisis they face as the poorest of the poor, information about the problems faced by individuals who receive SSDI or VA benefits would also be useful.

Dave Fleurant
Executive Director
Disability Law Center of Alaska
907.565.1000 (fax)

3 HUD Funding: Arizona's 2003 Plans for MCS and EMF Housing

4 Pesticide Contamination in Housing
Tox Free Inc. Insecticide contamination for home buyers. 1-800-704-1662. Information & support groups.

The Nature of Things - Up Close and Toxic. Educational television program about toxins in the home. Download a video clip online and explore the Toxic House interactive version on the website.

5 Safer Housing Help
Consultant to the Chemically and Electrically Sensitive for Access. Works with individuals and public entities toward improving access to housing, medical care, benefits, the workplace, education and to develop self-defense strategies for MCS/ES. E-mail Susan Molloy:
Understanding and Accommodating Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Independent Living, by Pam Gibson. I have written a 50 page booklet for the Independent Living Research. Utilization has gone to all of the independent living centers and vocational rehab centers as well as to other disablity organizations. It is available free on line and may be helpful to people who are having trouble getting accommodations or getting professionals to take them seriously. I received helpful input from both Ann McCampbell and Susan Molloy in the project.
If people cannot use computers, I have a limited number of hard copies. Pam Gibson, James Madison University

New Horizons Independent Living Center, Inc., AZ. Non-profit, consumer-driven 501(c)(3) organization that advocates and promotes independent living for persons with disabilities. We serve persons with all types of disabilities in Yavapai and Coconino Counties. Contact Info: Main Office - Prescott Valley - (928)772-1266, 1-800-406-2377 Flagstaff Branch - (928)214-7102. E-mail:

CyberCIL of Arizona. The mission of CyberCil of Arizona is to provide innovative, meaningful assistance in accordance with the principles and philosophy of independent living to, and on behalf of, Arizonans with disabilities so that they may attain or continue an independent lifestyle.

Safer Housing For The Chemically Sensitive To Be Built In KY:

MCS Resources for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. MCS lodging questionnaire.

Housing and MCS.

Recommended Architectural Features for MCS and ES Multi-Family Housing

6 Safer Travel
Safer housing listed in The Safer Travel Directory. An exhaustive listing of places to live for the person with Environmental Illness or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Also, see site for listings or communities all over the US.

Safer Travel for MCS, see Resources

Smoke-free locations all over the world.

7 General Information for Dolan Springs, Arizona
Elevation: 3,500 feet
Weather for Dolan Springs.
Also humidity, wind velocity, ect. (Kingman, AZ is closest)
Pollen count for Dolan Springs:
Zip Code 86441 for search
Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
Control Burn and Herbicide Information Line
Call 1-800-546-6591
For travel to Dolan Springs area, use extention for Prescott information.

Caution while driving through Dolan Springs and surrounding areas:
Open range grazing
Avoid collision with stray cattle on roads
Collision may cause serious injury to driver and animals, and extensive damage to vehicle

An MCS/EI Environmental Perspective
Dolan Springs, Arizona has plenty of clean air. There is little water, so that people are inclined not to have lawns or gardens where pesticides are used.

8 Mold Control

9 Search for an MCS/EI Safe Haven
Husband of an EI, Jim Montagne, speaks of Dolan Springs:

"My wife Pam and I, executed an eclectic and jagged itinerary which covered a good deal of the eleven western states and the northern 1000 miles of western Mexico. We were searching for the EI Shangri La with its complete year round freedom from the four foul follies of civilization -- WOOD SMOKE, MOLD, PESTICIDES and URBAN POLLUTION. We spent 4 years looking for a place which she could tolerate. The spot that was our final choice was located only 70 miles from where we started our almost 100,000 mile journey."

Continued Search for an MCS/EI Safe Haven

10 Housing Listings

11 Retreat Information
12 Relocation Information
13 Recommended Architectural Features for MCS Multi-Family Housing
14 Test Kits and Toxicology
ToxFree, Inc., Analytical/Consulting Company. Air sample analyzed by gas chromatography for: Heptachlor, Cis Chlordane, Trans Chlordane, Aldrin. $199.00 Additional samples: $99.00 + Shipping Cost. 6410 McKeon Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78218 (800) 704-1662
Mold and Water
Mold and Water Test Kits
Testing for Chemical Injury
Barbara Rubin. Chemically injured by pesticides, an MCS shares her knowledge and experience of toxicological testing as an aid for personal and legal protection.

Toxicology Lab. ETI Environmental Lab, 4730 Mountain Road, Suite 21, Pasadena, MD 21122 (410) 437-4100 Fax:(410) 437-5400 Robert Simon, Ph.D. USPS Mailing address: ETI Environmental Lab, P. O. Box 2410 Pasadena, MD 21123