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Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
and Electrical Sensitivity
Build New Lives
Dawn in the Joshua Tree National Forest
Dolan Springs, AZ
photo by Bhima Solberg, 2001
Welcome to all!
If you are looking for information or to "lighten the load"
concerning Multiple Chemical Sensitivity* (MCS)
Electrical Sensitivity* (ES)
or Environmental Illness* (EI),
we hope you find the help and support you need.

"Over five million (5,800,000) of the American population is making significant lifestyle changes
to accomodate chemical sensitivity."
Cynthia Wilson, Chemical Injury Information Network, November 2003
More than 12% of Population Reports Extreme Sensitivity to Low Levels of Common Chemicals.
Study Published in Environmental Health Perspectives Finds 1.8% of Population Loses Job as Result.
Environmental Health Perspectives Online


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*Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) - when a person reacts to chemicals in the environment. These chemicals are usually petroleum based. When a chemical injury occurs, many persons become "Universal Reactors." Universal Reactors have symptoms to a significant number of substances in all categories of foods, molds, inhalants and chemicals.

*Electrical Sensitivity (ES) - a person reacts to electromagnetic fields (EMF) in his or her environment. The reactions to various frequencies varies from person to person. Different individuals may react to different frequencies. Some ES persons may also be hypersensitive to sound frequencies, which is called Hyperacusis. Electromagnetic Field Protection

*Environmental Illness (EI) - when a person has reactions to substances in his or her environment which may result in asthma, allergies and/or chemical sensitivities.

Quick MCS overview:
SHEILA BASTIEN, Ph.D., Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS): What It Is, What It Is Not, and How It Is Manifested

MCS Referral & Resources. Peer-reviewed scientific papers, official reports, books and book chapters on MCS. The peer-reviewed medical literature on MCS dates from 1952 but more than half the 400+ references identified by MCS R&R were published since 1992.


Caution: The resources on this site are not intended to prescribe medical treatments, nor can it replace the advice of a health care professional. If you have a medical condition, always be sure to consult your physician for medical advice. It is important to remember that when using any alternative, or when applying any substance, always test small amounts before using liberally.

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